Enhance Your Service Dog Program

Unlock your program’s full potential with Gold Leash

Are you an administrator or managing director of a service dog program?

Enhance your program's outreach, increase fundraising, and prepare for possible new standards in the Service Dog industry with Gold Leash K9.

Benefits of Partnering with Gold Leash

  • Comprehensive Continued Education providing access to resources which enhance handler/trainer skills and ensure lifelong success
  • Specialized Support for Owners providing valuable daily wellness resources for service dogs and their handlers.
  • An Individualized Approach whereby we collaborate with owners to meet their unique needs and align solutions for their specific requirements.
  • Innovative Program Management via a cutting-edge platform that provides performance reporting to assist in streamlining improvements, solve problems, and enhance your overall program.
  • Investing in the Future with Gold Leash means you are contributing to a platform at the forefront of advancing service dog programs in the new digital age.
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Transform Lives with Gold Leash

Expand the impact of your service dog program through Gold Leash's proactive service dog platform. Together, we can help you increase your organization's lasting difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and their dedicated service dogs.

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For Service Dog Academies

Our platform and services provide battle-tested methods to maintain service dogs' effectiveness. Use our platform to manage recertification, ongoing training, and personalized care to guarantee that these remarkable canines continue to provide outcomes for those in need.

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