Our Platforms

Gold Leash’s platform have been crafted and time tested for over 10 years of working with animal welfare, hero and working dog organizations.

The Gold Leash platforms service the three main areas of a dog’s job with their human counterparts.

Working Dog?

A dog that is bred and trained for specific tasks to assist in community safety, such as search and rescue, military, police, bomb and drug detection, TSA, cadaver and arson. They are highly trained and valued for their distinct abilities to perform important jobs that benefit their community.

For Organizations with Working Dogs, Gold Leash provides:

  • Critical administrative support for budget and resource management
  • Guidance for a working dog’s wealth and well-being.
  • Counseling for retirement and post-service care.
  • Continued training and recertification.
  • Reinforcement of handler safety.
  • Data to support legal and liability issues.
  • Support for promoting positive public perception and community relations.
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Service Dog

A dog that is specially trained to assist people with disabilities by performing tasks such as guiding the blind, alerting the deaf, detecting medical emergencies, and providing emotional support. They provide valuable assistance to their owners, enabling them to live more independently and with greater confidence.

For Owners with Service Dogs, Gold Leash provides:

  • Reinforcement of task-specific training.
  • Handler education.
  • Continued public access training.
  • Health and wellness maintenance.
  • Recertification assistance.
  • Performance evaluations.
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Companion Dog?

A dog that is primarily kept as a pet and valued for its companionship and emotional support. Their job is to be friendly, affectionate, and well-behaved. They are often kept as indoor pets by their owners and their families.

For Pet Parents with Companion Dogs, Gold Leash provides:

  • Conditioning for the dog through continued education that ensures the dog will remain a well-trained companion for their pet parent throughout their lifetime journey together.
  • Coaching for pet parents to help them manage their companion dog’s care so they can foster a long and successful relationship together.
  • Connection via access to a community of other pet parents through a safe platform of dog lovers.
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