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Gold Leash K9 is a managed service provider offering Companion, Service, and Working dog programs. Gold Leash K9, founded in 2013, has a wealth of experience developing a proprietary technology platform and user interface focused on a quantitative and qualitative assessment of measurable data, specifically in the human-canine relationship. Our collaboration with state and local government agencies, non-profit Veterans Service Organizations, Animal Welfare Organizations, and K9 industry experts has allowed us to hone our skills in data collection methods and analysis of training programs and their direct/indirect correlations to short and long-term outcomes in the service dog industry.

Gold Leash K9's expertise working as part of larger collaborative projects within the service dog industry demonstrates our ability to manage multiple organizations with diverse performance variables and achieve shared objectives. Our team comprises experts from the broader canine industry who have worked with the Department of Defense on complex studies and analyses of canine capabilities, training methodologies, standards, and outcomes. This work has been instrumental in developing and deploying new canine capabilities that have saved countless lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, our team members have decades of experience developing National Standards for Working canines. This experience showcases our ability to successfully navigate the complexities of government projects and contribute valuable insights to the tasks at hand.

Research shows that effective communication and engagement are vital to the success of any dog program. Our unique K9 Pro Track mobile application plays a critical role in fostering connection. It provides tools for care, management, a secure social media platform, training/games for the K9, and proactive approaches to address regression issues that may arise in the dog-human relationship.

At Gold Leash K9, we have continually pushed boundaries in the K9 industry. By expanding our product and service portfolio and adopting a human-centric and dog-centric approach, we have served 10,000 dogs and their humans. Our track record demonstrates our dedication to supporting and helping our clients and the organizations that play a crucial role in their success.

Data-Driven Humanity is at the core of our approach. Over the years, our platform has collected extensive data on the human-canine relationship. This capability enables us to showcase impact, enhance decision-making, customize funding approaches, and promote transparency and accountability. By effectively communicating outcomes and engaging key stakeholders, we empower organizations to secure additional support for their initiatives. Utilizing data-driven decision-making, we have improved program outcomes for individuals by 97% and become trusted partners in their journeys.